Be amazed with this Amazing Magic Cube.


You will find that it is not 1 but 2 cubes and surprisingly, you can transform one cube into a star and hide it into the other cube.

That is where the real fun begins.


This is a transforming geometric puzzle.
Each cube transforms into a 12 pointed star called the Stellated Rhombic Dodecahedron.
Each cube has 24 square faces (4 square faces per 6 side). The star has 48 triangular faces.


Amaze your friends by fitting the star into the cube and transforming the cube into a rectangle.
Don't forget that this is also educational for students to show & tell to their maths teacher and class.

It is also a great unique gift for all ages as it is fast to stimulate curiosity.

Entertaining and puzzling at the same time.


Check out the video on the magic cube in action. There is so much more with what you can do with it.


Start by adding this to your birthday or christmas present shopping and you can be sure that it will not disappoint.


Most importantly, Have Fun !!

Magic Cube

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