Nothing stirs up the little young minds better than a fun adventure to create objects with spining gears.


Welcome to the world of Funny Bricks.


Each set contains 81 brightly coloured pieces of which you can arrange and click the pads together, forming whatever you desire to build.


There is the main motor module powered by a single AA battery (not included) which will drive the gears.
Alternatively, you can rotate the gears manually via the spindle. 
Link the 3 sizes of gears together and watch them spin.
Add the swing and seesaw with little figurines or build towers of gears.


The Funny Bricks increases, inspires and triggers your child's creativity, interaction and imagination.
It provides hours of fun and entertainment, encouraging your child to find, create and re-arrange the pieces to style.

Let their imaginations grow and run wild.


It is more than just only a fun and interactive toy as it is also educational, where your child can learn to build basic gear mechanics, improve on their motor skills and encourages problem solving skills.


The Funny Bricks is a must and perfect as unique gifts for any kids.

Check out the video link to view the Funny Bricks in motion (click on Video section at the top menu). There is no limit with what you can build with it.

Don't stop with one set but add more Funny Bricks and give your child the opportunity to build a bigger masterpiece.


Start by adding this to your birthday or christmas present shopping and you can be sure that it will not disappoint.

81 Pieces Funny Bricks Set

SKU: PF0001